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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 30, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> just came we have a developing story. still issues in the south-eastern portions of the indicted states. 700,000 people are without power. much of wednesday will be remembered as trying to remember rescuing people. >> in gulfport, mississippi we have seen at least one tornado touched down and are still on a tornado watch and
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a flash flood warning. as it makes its way inland the focus goes towards rescuing people flooded and mississippi. his family thought that they would be safe. >> we noticed the water was 4 ft. high. and by 8:and 30 it was time to get out. at that point they were rescued by the national guard. and the coast guard is working from the air. this man was saved with his wife, and is to blogs. >> they are god. >> and top-notch! and-cash are to dogs. -officials in new orleans say they are imposing a dusk-to- isaac continues to lash the city on the seventhpolice cars have been patrolling the nearly empty streets since isaac began bringing fierce winds and heavy rains to the
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city >> when i think everything is said and done it we will have a water will return not have water from katrina. >> the governor saying that it is not clear. >> is slow moving. we will be dealing with this until released friday morning. not nearly as intense but still strong winds. in fact we are waiting on a storm that could bring more wind, rain with 840,000 people have lost power. in both states. in gulfport, mississippi. >> now where is that it james? >> james. a quick look at where we are watching the
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fight to the storm. well into the louisiana is downgrading it is not just a tropical storm. the speeds of the winds are in the 40's but it is slow moving get only 8 m.p.h. eventually near arkansas it will make more towards the great lakes region. it will continue to weaken. however, several problems over several states. >> justine: also, the gulf coast refinery had to halt production increasing bay area gas prices. we will continue to keep you updated if you
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would like to read more about this or any other segments, go to what's on the web section at >> after a water main break in san francisco thousands flooded homes and churches and a school. residents in fourteen households forced out by a water main break in san francisco's visitacion valley neighborhood may now go home, a spokeswoman for commission said. the residents were displaced after a 42-inch main broke on sunnydale avenue between at about 11:10 a.m.tuesday. >> water was everywhere. the break triggered the several nearby homes, as well as a church and school, the with the pipe that failed was probably a few million gallons of water per day. >> 500,000-800,000 gal. of water through the east
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streak' streetsthe power and war is now back on in all the homes near the pipeline at tomas court and bayshore blvd. repairs to the 42 inch water main will take longer. the rupture left a gaping hole several feet deep onavenue. "the cleanup is on going so there's a lot of cleanup in the effected properties that we will continue to work on," sfpuc spokesman david probably be repaired in make it come to grade and then the paving and sidewalk relatively quickly after that, a matter of days." at this point engineers say that it is not clear why this pipe gave way. but it is going to take a long time and lots of manpower to clean this up. >> we are waiting for parts to come in and we are estimating at least two weeks. >> j. r. stone, kron 4. >> san francisco city officials handed out claim forms. one resident showing
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kron 4 the damage a car parked on top of a pile of mud and look at inside even the cupholders. the garage door is stock. this is video and-- stuck... a lady of visitation school were busy de sac. people whose cars our lady of the visitacion, will remain out until at least september 10th. >> this gas leak in napa valley also caused lincoln avenue to close between california. pg&e says that this gas leak was caused from a third party construction crew doing work in the area. the service is
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expected to return today. and crashed in to them in south los angeles, yesterday. the elderly man drove onto the sidewalk and hit a 11 people cured nine of them were children and a somewhat more trapped underneath his cadillac. witnesses were trying to help. police are trying to figure out what happened. and let us talk about these amazing temperatures! >> it was fantastic, yesterday phenomenal. this is a live look. from our live camera and it is pretty clear out there today. anything is confined to the coast and some portions of the of media at bay. and
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some coastal clouds and fog but generally in the 50s and 60s. this afternoon at sunny and a slightly cooler. temperatures will max out in the 80s. in the east bay valleys. that fog could return for a early evening hours. right now, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. slightly warmer in other areas. 50s and 60s in the south-bay. we will continue to see that trend with warmer temperatures in the east bay. a quick tour low mid '80s. to fairfield, antioch however could see 90's. along the shoreline 70's. san francisco will
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seek 68 degrees. and widespread 80s in napa, sonoma. take a quick look at the next three days with cooling conditions towards friday. what looks to be a mild weekend. and here is your traffic update. northbound 80, no problems getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. looking at highway 92 the san mateo bridge also decent in both directions. the golden gate is also light. wheat will be back with more weather, traffic. >> what is coming up on kron 4 news the republican national convention continues. what this guy had to say.
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decision 2012. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan is telling republicans that he and mitt romney will put the government on the side of people who create jobs through tax fairness and regulatory reform. he used the are ineceip-- republican national convention attacking obama care. >> rules, mandates, fees, fines, and no place in a free country. wild selling voters. >> after four years of getting the run are rd we need a turn are round and we
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demand met rummy. in speaking wednesday night to the republican national four years would look like without a change in leadership. >> everybody says they still have faith in america about what they want to know is weather we still have faith in ourselves. >> i trust that mid probably has it that faith and i trust him to lead us. >> earlier,, lis, l-- condoleeesa rice. >> we are faced with no choice. you cannot lead from behind. >> the action continues with mitt romney giving the stage a makeover. they are
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extending it so he can be closer to the crowd when he gives his acceptance speech. if you would like to watch? comcast 193. on interrupted. >> coming up this richmond district jewelry store how police tracked the suspects down. busy the curiosity ove = =rover...
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>> good morning after a string of robberies on craigslist. there continues to be a problem. as police describe how these criminals operate. >> typically we see these
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occurring monday-friday in the evening 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. they choose an isolated location and lower the buyer and to that area. usually they are nice areas where they would think that it would make them feel comfortable. the victims have told us that they even felt comfortable but this is part of the lure trick you to get into these areas. >> oakland police said the they're ripping 7 craigslist robberies and 25 it this year. 7 and the macarthur area with lebraun sneakers and ipods new brighto >> three men have been
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arrested in connection with a series of robberies in san francisco's richmond the arrests came tuesday after officers responded to a report of a robbery at a geary boulevard around 2:45 p.m. friday. handguns, one wearing a ski mask, entered the business lie on the ground, according to police. to smash a glass display case and steal jewelry, at which point a second the suspects to run away, police said. ho >> an unknown suspect who robbed a palo alto market at gunpoint is still at large, police officials said. the robbery occurred at the valencia market located at 3487 el camino real on saturday night at the same market was robbed in june 2011 and localpolice responded after pointed a black semiautomatic handgun at the demanded cash from the robbery. the suspect fled on foot
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have gotten into a newer, high rate of speed, police said. >> james: here is what it looks like at the golden gate. the fog is not terribly thick. however pretty nice visibility bay- area wide. temperatures still mild with 50s. and mid '50s in oakland. concord, 59. livermore, slightly cooler and a good looking full moon and temperatures? once we start warming it up. 60s along the coast and a healthy mixture of 70's & 80's. cooler conditions along the shore. as to go towards 3:00 p.m. mid upper
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80s generally. we could get closer to the '90s but i think that we will stay clear with 86 degrees on tap for concord. upper 80s and livermore. perhaps getting to and 90's in livermore. your general forecast will see 78 and san rafael. your kron 4 7 day around the bay friday, saturday, sunday, the cooler day will be saturday and starting to see a war of sunday and monday. traffic doing decent. no problems towards the bay bridge toll plaza and also clear. the san mateo bridge is also clear with no problems east bound, westbound as you make your way across that spanned towards foster city. the 1 0 1 with no problems in marin
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county from santa rosa into san francisco. traffic and weather throughout this morning. >> work on a future will be his bart station is underway demolition started on existing buildings. this is part of the extension to be self-bay. the milpitas is the first phase in a 60 mi. extension. construction will begin a 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. m-f and is expected to see 10,000 commuters each day. >> the new apartment complex in the financial district after protesters went to city hall with their message. carrying signs that said stop the wall on the waterfront. this will be built at eight washington street. and the repeal will
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halt a ballot referendum the concern is that it would block the view of the waterfront. is making its deficit track--through mars the trek.. using the drill to drill through a rock and mars was once exposed to water. >> chocolate a new study that dessert can lower your risk for a common disease.
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>> starbucks is expanding. they want to make new products such as detergent and plastics using coffee grounds and baked goods. they have teamed up with scientists and hong kong. bio refineries breaking down the elements. they have 5,000 lbs. of garbage per year ending up in landfills. >> a new study is finding that eating moderate amount of chocolate could lower the risk of stroke in men 37,000 men were followed in sweden over 10 years. those who consumed 2.2 per week had a 72 percent lower risk than
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who did not eat any chocolate. this was also conducted for women. the accounting calories will not prolong your life. research at the national institute of aging have been showing the calorie restrictions on monkeys for over two decades. older monkees did not live any longer for the counter reports that did not count calories. the national primate research center at sound that different monkeys did find different survive reliefs however when they did track what they're reading. >> the threat is not over yet for hurricane ike. now tropical storm isaac.
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>> coming up a restaurant that could be overcharging you.
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>> no tropical storm isaac showing damage. --now a tropical storm continues downgraded from hurricane. nearly 1 ft. of rain in some areas. the evacuations are in place. hundreds of thousands of people are without power. at least one person is reported dead.
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officials in new orleans saydawn curfew as hurricane isaac continues to lash the police cars have been patrolling the nearly empty streets since isaac began tuesday night. the curfew >> bottom line is that this is a. slow-moving storm. we will be dealing with this until early friday morning. not that time to let your guard down. you have to stay inside. stay on tap. the will forecasters predicted that it could make landfall continuing in the next 48 hours. many people's lives have been disrupted a good samaritan haiti'--has set of a falling your heart network and santa cruz accepting donations and loading up his trailer for another version
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of mercy. >> my daughter told me that if anybody could do it i could do it. and my sister said that they needed toiletries, toothpaste and my conscience will not let the rest. i in just a simple man doing the right thing to try to make a difference. >> this is his 19th trip. many people have been dropping off canned goods and even tools to help him out. and donated money for gasoline. he will leave on monday. or sooner if the trailer is fall. refineries were forced to increase gas prices. however, this is not
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expected to last. take a look at local gas prices. no refineries were damaged analysts are predicted that prices could begin to decrease by monday. we will continue to follow if you would like to read more about this or any other segments, go to what's on the web section at facebook, twitter. >> tonight is the big night for the republican national convention nomination form it running. here is a live look for met rodney. however coalesced night--last nightrepublican vice presidential nominee paul ryan is telling romney will put the government on the side of through tax fairness and regulatory reform.
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>> we will take leadership and responsibility and not try to replace our founding principles we will reply our founding principles. (cheers & applause) >> this demands the best of us. we do this we can do this. together, we can do this we can get this country working again. we can get this economy working again. we can make the safety net sav--safe again joined met romney and me. half of. let us get this done. bill let us get this done. >> senator john mccain and rice and the next r n c will
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be in the carolinas. you can see all of the latest developments on comcast 193. >> states of emergency were declared and louisiana and mississippi. during an event and west virginia he asked for prayer. >> i think it is important for all of us because we have prayer for people. let people along the coast know that our thoughts are with you. our prayers are with you. we are going to make sure that we will do every single thing that we need to do so they have our love and
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support. we are not democrats or republicans, we're just americans and we stand by americans. >> the president called on the young people to register and make sure that their friends did so as well james fletcher? >> good morning great forecast for the holiday weekend or the inland valleys and just in time with full details coming up. this is a live look. downtown san francisco those building lights are clearly visible. we are looking for some coastal fog and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. sunny. temperatures will be slightly cooler. the
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fog will quickly return with '60s and '70s tonight. let us get specific. mid-50s on the coast. upper 50s as we go towards the south bay. with even 60s in antioch but 66 degrees in antioch with a picture of 50s and 60s through fruitvalle. a mild start and a beautiful, clear warning. we will see temperatures warming up. 79 in san jose with a mixture of 80s and 85 degrees and other areas. 77 degrees in redwood city. the warmer areas will be to the east.
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mid upper 80s and we could have. killed getting to the 90 degree mark. however mostly upper 80s with cooler conditions--having getting to the 90 degree mark--also we should see a healthy mixture of '70s and '80s. 80s in santa rosa. and for the next three days in your short term forecast showing cooling possibly 10 degrees cooler. friday will be cooler with mild weather to stay with us saturday and we could warm it up towards sunday. your kron 4 7 day around the bay. the bay bridge approach is not that
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bad toll plaza, no problems and also the san mateo bridge is highway 92 looking good in both directions with more volume. all in all, the golden gate just a handful of headlights southbound. so far, easy. from novado towards and princess co. >> the are novado towards- san francisco. >> the accused shooter has had his court date delayed because he has refused to shave his beard. >> a former high school basketball coach is sentenced to six months in jail >> a former cardinal newman is going to jail for six probation for committing a
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santa rosa, pleaded no contest in june to oral copulation with the teen. he penetration was dismissed as part of his plea deal. deputy district attorney rosanne darling said medeiros "groomed" the girl by exchanging text messages with her for approximately a contact occurred in march and april. >> this seven year-old aded " not guilty ". she was in new-york preparing for the u.s. open when she was are arrested last weekend for the murder of for 80 year-old husband. she allegedly plundered her husband with a coffee mug. her bill is $500,000. her-- bail.. is $500,000. >> james holmes the alleged
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of aurora, colorado shooter will be back in court today. and also the university of colorado psychiatrist is also going to be an issue determining his ability to stand trial. >> showing the life of dogs
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>> welcome back. this turned out to be a cancerous. >> it was first thought just to be a 28. for my dog. one half of his jawbone and replaced it with a titanium plate. more for genetic protein. more fl--he was back
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100 percent. >> sunday, now humans now possibly have this procedure. >> there are perhaps $8,000 that should be set aside for this procedure. >> here is what is coming up. in west contra costa county saying are about raged. and is chipolte overcharging you?
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>> parents in the west contra costa district are up in arms. some of their children could be changing schools, classrooms and even teachers. some have no
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choice. >> today is the 8 day at this elementary school and hercules. however, they are getting a rude awakening. >> i had no idea that my child had to start at pupping elementary. greater has to showing a different class. >> my son's class is now going to have eight more kids in it and it is going to be super crowded. they are going to push a bunch of five year-old son and heir. to the about of 28. some classrooms are coming up short. the district is rebalancing. students with not enough kids are rebalancing. other students are getting in shuffled. >> this is no way to do with this. >> it is such a transitional
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age! they have just started and now they are going to switch. it is crazy! it is heartbreaking. it is ridiculous that this is such short notice. >> we apologize. the enrollment. however, the first day changes. with 100 elementary school students will have a different teacher or classroom or even school. >> we are going to see this for at least one week. we continue to balance the enrollment to make sure the we have enough students /teacher ratio. >> this will continue in
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hercules, dan kerman, kron 4. caught pinching pennies rounding totals to the nearest nickel. it was limiting the amount of change needed. after there were questions weather or not told about this they added this information on to the receipts and on the ground it down dashed- rounded down.. and read your hotel bill. carefully. nearly $2 billion in fees and surcharges were collected at the most common however, the less obvious that you should pay attention to. mini bar and room safe and auto gratu
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ities and office cnter chargers... >> let me give you a quick update on a isaac. the latest information with wins at 45 m.p.h. but not a hurricane is now a tropical storm isaac. only moving 8 m.p.h. north-west. however if it continues to weaken it could even become a tropical depression. generally, clear conditions bay-area wide. any clouds are confined to the coast and a quick look towards the golden gate. to
4:51 am
date will be sunny and slightly cooler. '70s and '80s tomorrow will be the coolest with only backseat out in the upper 70's. this weekend a mixture with saturday. taking a look at current temperatures. a good mixture of '70s and '80s with a warm start. and the highs this afternoon will develop. by noon, we are looking for mostly 70's and 80's. that could warm up to the upper 80s mainly to the east with one, two locations at the '90s. you would have to possibly go to their field. upper 80s and livermore. perhaps brightwood could get to 90's. '70s and the sesouhtth
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and the north bay upper 70 and 80s your kron 4 7 day around the bay we are calling for conditions to see a bit of a cool down for the weekend but a rebound. and again taking a look at the traffic no hot spots. westbound 80 is a good example. through the toll plaza and disband looking good and also the san mateo, no problems of the 92 on either direction. hayward towards rost foster city. a. county. >> if you are and a path of a hurricane. to know how to keep your food safe is important. mary ellen
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hopkins. >> if you are facing a power outage is important to understand basic food safety. the refrigerator will keep this food cold for at least four hours. the freezer could even stay one or two days. when the power comes back on check the thermometer if it is 40 degrees or below in the freezer in can be safe according to the food and drug it with attrition. if you do not have a thermometer. experts suggest just throw it out. if you experience a storm do not eat food that could have come in contact with flood water. al invest in
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containers that are waterproof. if anything is coming into contact with flood water should be sanitized with extremely hot water and bleach. >> coming up an unexpected visitor with one can hit the news room. and this live look--news room and canada ....
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>> good morning our top stories that we are falling why sick dumping 1 ft. of rain fall. whit tropical storm is dumping 1 ft. of
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rainfall. >> my plea list includes led zeppelin play list-- >> palo alto police are searching for a suspect. >> tropical storm isaac has been downgraded from a hurricane. still however, heavy rains over mississippi and louisiana with 45 m.p.h. as we show you this path of the storm it goes towards the north and it could weaken as a depression. taking over the east coast and great lakes region. finally, 24 in. of rain fall and the new
5:01 am
orleans with thousands of people having to be rescued. in portions of louisiana, mississippi. thousands of people are still being a back to witted west of new orleans. the in--evacuated. also significant damage to these homes even worse than hurricane katrina. >> when i think all is said and done we will have water where we did not have water from katrina. >> this is a very slow- moving storm is going to be moving and we're going to be dealing with us until early friday morning. >> federal states of our emergency were declared for mississippi and louisiana. >> isaac impacting gas prices because the gulf area refineries are closed. the biggest one price day jump.
5:02 am
$3.82 a. california, $4.15 take a look san francisco, $4.22. oakland, $4.16. stay with kron 4 morning news. we will have the latest on the gulf coast guard and also the late latest on a isaac could cost insurance. coming up beat louisiana native that is living in the bay area and how he is hoping his home state. continuing to bring you live updates of louisiana, mississippi. it is slowly making its way through. right now our local forecast. >> good morning the weather should be a bit cooler.
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ahoy '50s and '60s right now but this afternoon will be sunny and slightly cooler. upper 80s, generally. and a cool down with the fog returning to the coast. we will have your holiday forecast. >> good morning it is a quiet start. the cruis-- working crews are adding an extra lane on the mid spanned. your mid-morning check showing no delays expected. >> dario collision 2012. tonight, one of the most pivotal moments with mitt romney accepting the
5:04 am
nomination but last night howeverrepublican vice presidential nominee paul ryan is telling republicans that he and mitt romney will put the people who create jobs through tax fairness and regulatory reform. without a change in trouble under the obama economic stimulus package that led to more debt but didn't fix the economy. >> we will not talk the tough issues will lead. we will not-- - duck... the tough issues we will lead we will not replace our founding principles we will reapply our founding principles. (cheers & applause) the work ahead of us are going to be difficult these times demand that the best of us but we can do this, we can do this. together, we can do this we
5:05 am
can get this country working again. we can get this economy working again. we can make the safety net safety again. whatever your political party let us get together for the sake of our country. a joint bid from the joine-joined me and nick ropkey. >> thank you--joined meat and milk from the! watch us on comcast 193
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an unknown suspect who robbed a palo alto market at 3487 el camino real on saturday night at police responded after investigators say that the have gotten into a newer, shiny, black vehicle parked said. suspect as a hispanic male wearing a light blue button- of the suspect likely will >> this suspect is grabbing people's private parts and then robbing them. any residence in downtown palo alto or just to be aware of
5:07 am
these surroundings because he is still on the lives. we will get reaction from the police department and shoppers on this busy district. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news will continue our coverage of the latest developments. linkedin... in the bay area and tropical storm isaac still impacting areas of mississippi. back to school time means back to school germs.
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that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes
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and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at >> welcome back samsung can still have a few more months to purchase those smart phones despite the illegalities with apple and samsung. the two sides are
5:11 am
going to wait until december 6th they say those devices will be pulled from the market. this is after a court decision found that they copied apple's mobile technology and designs. >> the social networking site, linkedin has struck a deal. that could accommodate 3000 employees! it expects moving 2014. the location will be 555 petula avenue in cloverdale. >> pandora is also expanding. the addition of the entire floor will accommodate their continued growth and expansion. now it
5:12 am
employs 600 people and it could hire more. strong improvements on their second quarter sales. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. the focus of a new law "party buses" would bear drinking by underage passengers under a bill that tragedies. also, tropical storm isaac impacted. we will have new estimates on how much insurance companies will have to pay. .
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>> this is a live look from
5:16 am
gulfport, mississippi from tropical storm isaac. slowly making its way away from the coast. now estimated insurance $1.5 billion just on land. not including watercraft. 500 million-1.5 billion. these could be actually modest. katrina it is the largest in history at $41 billion! >> let us take a look at isaac. >> the radar showing it is quite a storm. still swirling the tropical storm center. over the center of louisiana. the wind at 45 m.p.h. that is why it has been downgraded. it is moving very slowly at only 8 m.p.h. tropical storm
5:17 am
warnings in effect for mississippi and the louisiana coast and gradual weakening expected today. . however, through the bay is decent with decent visibility but fog expected to increase by sunrise. even the mild and warm in some areas. 54 degrees in oakland. and san carlos. depending on where you are 60s but it is bright. a fall down. a gradual cooling that is the date's trend today. we will see if friday could be the coolest day of the week. a mild week with
5:18 am
saturday, mild temperatures and warmer on sunday towards monday. that is how it is going to break down. today? 80s santa clara. a mixture of 80s in los gatos, campbell, and evergreens. the east bay valleys will also see the hot spots. fairfield, 90's expected. however upper 80s in other areas. just a touch cooler than where we were. oakland is probably right at 70. with your three day out look going forward. sunday towards monday with your seven day forecast, coming up. traffic. comcast won 93
5:19 am
of our new 24 hour channel. right now we can tell you. - channel 193 = comcast. >> right now, so far, so good but there is a vehicle stalled in the off-ramp not impacting the dry curetry for the bay bridge. we will take a look at the san mateo bridge. they bit heavier than what we're used to seeing. also decent with cruz finishing this project adding those lanes. the 80 westbound is still a decent with only 13 minutes from
5:20 am
hercules to berkeley. no delays on the 1 0 1 northbound. the montague expressway and the north bay also looking decent but all agreed on the sensors. all- grain greene >> ab45 would hold party bus drivers. it requires them to sure underage passengers misdemeanors and could merit limousines, shuttles andthe bill passed 30-0 mateo, who died in 2010 times the legal limit. also, work on a future
5:21 am
millipede is bart station continues. it is part of an expansion of the transit system. the milpitas is the first of a 60 mi. extension construction will continue from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. m- f. it is expected to seat 10,000 commuters per day. . after protesters went to city hall carrying some veinsome signs. stop the wall of the waterfront. this is expected to be repealed. >> a quick break this live look of tampa. tonight is
5:22 am
the big night for mitt romney.
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>> welcome back this is a live look at gulfport, mississippi. a tropical storm isaac is expected to weekend. however, it was a category one but it is likely to be downgraded to a tropical depression later today. president obama is:4 per. >> i think it is important he is calling for--prayer. >> we had to let people know
5:26 am
that our thoughts and prayers are with them. to make sure that those folks are taken care of. to show the love of this country when things like this happen, there are no democrats, no republicans we are just americans! (cheers & applause) >> there is an election and they took have the opportunity to talk about getting out to vote. >> residence saying that this success story is coming through with this reconstruction surgery of a jawbone of a dog. this cancerous tumor started the phase with the amputation of the jawbone and replaced it with a titanium replacement. it is a great recovery.
5:27 am
>> he is doing very well. >> just one of eight dogs. the cost is $8,000. >> we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. this look at van ness a clear start and a full moon..
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5:29 am
>> after 24 or continuous rain fall perhaps more people still need to be the pack with it, and rescued. and after 24 hours --of continuous rain fall. >> getting a better scope of storm surge at the
5:30 am
mississippi flooding its banks. over the levees causing neighborhoods to flood in the last 24 hours. >> a lot of help on the way for disrupted lives. a good samaritan and the south louisiana native has set up a follow your heart network. he is in santa cruz accepting donations at the clock tower. another mission. >> my eight year-old daughter said that if anybody can do something for people you can do it. i called my sister and she said that she is working with volunteers and the need toiletries, toothpaste. my conscience on not let me
5:31 am
repressed and i want to make a difference. his conscience--will not let him--rest. >> this is his 19th trek.. and he will leave on monday after several donations have been pouring in. >> let us take a look our local forecast and isaac. louisiana. the wind speed is 45 m.p.h. now it is a tropical storm category. we will switch and show you what we can expect to happen with isaac as it continues to go forward. going across arkansas and missouri. perhaps by saturday we could
5:32 am
see this and be a problem in this area. as for our area flarifairly clear conditions but we're ok for now. that fog could continue a sunrise with temperatures continuing to decrease from yesterday. >> so far, a decent of the roadways. there are no delays the san mateo bridge is a good drive in from the bay we're still seeing the light conditions. highway no. 4 and also the self-a peninsula and the north bay freeways. >> a major traffic situation the dumbarton bridge closure. jackie? details.
5:33 am
>> good morning. yes, for the second time this year is going to be completely closed for a long weekend. friday night at 10:00 p.m. through with this weekend. until tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. this is a long- term seismic retrofit project. the last time it was closed was memorial day weekend. they work on the western it today the plan on working on the eastern span for this upcoming weekend. this is the southern most point bridge. there are 16,000 people that go across this bridge every day. you are going to need to find a detour. 880 towards the 237 or you can take the san mateo bridge but they are warning that this is going to be a full weekend closure. not until 5:00 a.m.
5:34 am
tuesday it will it be opened. >> perhaps they could think that on a holiday weekend but i always planned this out? and they think that it will be impacting the least of the people for this weekend? >> absolutely! we have seen it. most notably, the bay bridge has had those closures and it has always been on those three-day weekends. they plan on having it impacting the least amount of people possible. >> you can take and planned. that is the good news. >> san francisco officials are handing out claim forms from this sinkhole in san francisco take a look at this damage. this car was parked inside of a pile of
5:35 am
mud and the cup holders even filling up with water. the garage on this home was completely covered in mud. and our lady of visitations schools is hard at work becauseresidents in fourteen valley neighborhood may now after a 42-inch main broke at about 11:10 a.m.tuesday. how to >> witnesses and bystanders help to to free these kids the driver is working with police south los angeles,
5:36 am
yesterday. the elderly man drove onto the sidewalk and hit a 11 people cured nine underneath his cadillac. witnesses were trying to figure out what happened. >> typically robberies of our 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. from craigslist. the buyer is lured to it an isolated area but they are nice areas where people would not be concerned. the victim's have told us that they have actually even felt comfortable. this is part of the lower and the trek of the seller. >> there have been seven and oakland and 25 so far this year. three of the seven have happened in the fruitvalle macarthur area where there have been lebraun and ipods. . the
5:37 am
lake merritt station was the latest. >> >>this just in to the kron 4 news room despite worries of the economic recovery target, costco, and a limited all reported increased projections from wall street. unemployment did not change. the labor department said that 3000-- 37044,000 back to school time means back to school germs.
5:38 am
5:39 am
that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits,
5:40 am
habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at >> parents and west quadra cost owest contra costa district are finding out that there are a sudden changes. how in
5:41 am
hercules, they received notice that just in 24 hours their children will be moved to even a different schools. some classrooms are falling short of the maximum attendance level of 25. however parents are disrupted. >> id is difficult for children. >> they are just starting kindergarten. they have met their teachers it is such a transition and now they are moving. >> the district saying that they have to do this with limited teachers, limited resources but it is a balancing act. >> starbucks is expanding but it does not mean a coffee shop. they want to make detergents and plastics
5:42 am
using old coffee grinds and baked goods. bio refineries will use bacteria to use new products such as detergents. >> on the spot ca--bobcat kitten was abandoned!
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>> welcome back. we are tracking isaac as it is weakening. the national hurricane center say that it is slowing but still generating hazards with storm surge, flooding, potential tornadoes over the central gulf coast. taking a
5:46 am
live look vice-presidential candidate paul ryan. however tonight it is for mid from me! he is going to introduce his speech to possibly new voters watch it on comcast when 93. >> this disturbing sexual battery in broad daylight. he grabbed her from behind in palo alto and took off. >> the curiosity were over and rover--snapping photographs and soil samples on the planet of ours. and
5:47 am
finally being able to use the drill bit. this is a bat and ottawa, canada. inside the studio and ottawa, canada. >> we have large flies but not as scary! >> horrible! >> oh my gosh! >> james? >> is looking good. some
5:48 am
coastal clouds but that fog will be increased before sunrise for right now is looking good. upper 80s for the most part. almost 80s mild temperatures on saturday bouncing up. the san francisco and bay. temperatures this morning by noon, which warm-up,
5:49 am
considerably. just general:along cured but i do not think that we're for to quite get it there like yesterday. today it will be few and far between. fairfield, could be the best bet with and 90's expected. mid 90's but otherwise upper 80s with temperatures in the south bay on the mild side. upper 70's and low 80s for san francisco. and 70's in oakland your kron 4 7 day around the bay as we mentioned, we will show some cooling by friday. and saturday, sunday a rebound. the holiday forecast looks fantastic! that mild weather will continue. do not forget check out 193 on comcast
5:50 am
with a 24-7 news, weather, traffic! we have a decent drive. we will check the bay bridge still pretty light. probably 30 minutes from seeing the metering lights if things go normal. >> highway 92 just 13 minutes of the golden gate bridge of the 101 from marin county, no delays southbound. even though more fog is expected. no delays on the 80 westbound but a pretty good drive for the commute as you go towards the east shore freeway. the san ramon, the 5 its zero still looking good and the south-bacon you just slow 8
5:51 am
touch near the 101 northbound. and also the north county marin county no problems from the golden gate bridge. south--bay-- >> the a's have had five consecutive victories. last night at cleveland. a three- run home run are. this combination defeated the cleveland indians. just one game over baltimore they have had 11 victories over the past 13 victories. cook now, the a's will of the sole possession of the wild card for the american league. >> the giants used an early lead. check out that lead!
5:52 am
zito the giants used every picture in their bullpen. on t- 4. >> football! it is announcing that it is going to reduce replacement reverie now, it is do-or-die. >> the referees--now, it is quite used by trimming the roster. dixon has played well but has been an error prone. also, more players are trying to keep their
5:53 am
roster status. >> 5:52. we will be back! and we are continuing our coverage of all of the developing story. starbucks!
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5:56 am
>> this bobcat kitchen that was abandoned during the wild fire has been rescued. look at how cute this is. just a kitten. named chips. this was named after the chico fire they found her just walking in circles but as she was suffering from
5:57 am
second-degree burns but now she is doing well. so cute! now she is eating 12 mi. per day! 12--- mice... per day. [laughter] >> coming up we are live at the republican national convention. today, colorado movie theater suspect james holmes is in custody. >> credit-card debt degreasing. are you part of the reason? decrease
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